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Who we are

We created foxlogic as we saw so much potential to help small businesses that do not need their own permanent IT function. The range of services we offer from website design to automation and the experience we have allows us to offer professional grade capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Our passion is to simplify everything and ensure you have access to our knowledge and automate as much as possible to make your company successful. So make foxlogic your key partner for your small business in Auckland or in fact anywhere in NZ.

Our experience

We have 20+ years of experience. That is a lot of experience to navigate whatever is thrown our way. We have literally seen it all. Driven by innovation and automation, we are changing the way our customers see the web for their businesses.

We collaborate with a wide variety of companies but we concentrate on those classified as small to medium. We are always ready to accept all forms of critique, and so we have the best customers and feedback

Years of Experience - 20+ years
Website Design - 13 years
Content Creation - 16 years
Automation - 11 years
Coding - 20 years
Code Languages
Years of Experience
Satisfied Clients

Principles of how we work


There is way more to putting together a website or coding a simple application. Creativity underpins everything we do to ensure the projects we work on are successful.


If we say we cannot do something we will tell you, although nothing has beaten us yet! We pride ourselves on our integrity with our clients new and old.


High quality outputs are never far from our minds. We have pride in what we do so we always ensure everything we do is the best, even if it is simply spell checking.


You are never forgotten as a client. We will always be in touch and provide support for whenever it is needed, even behind the scenes when you do not think we are doing anything!

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